David Yurman Opens New Boutique At Bloomingdales

by guestofaguest · October 23, 2009

[Photos by NICK HUNT for PMc] Bloomingdales partnered up with SMSKCC last night to celebrate the opening of the new David Yurman boutique in the store.  David Yurman was welcomed with models donning his creations as well as friends who came to show their respects including,  Michael Gould, Libby Fitzgerald, Lisa McCarthy, Grace Meigher, Evan Yurman, Sybil Yurman, Michael Gabellini, Richard Mast, Chris Weisman, Michael Kennedy, and Eleanora Kennedy among others....

Libby Fitzgerald, Christopher Meigher, Grace Meigher, Mark Gilberson, Lisa McCarthy

Michael Gould, David Yuman

Lisa Selby, Libby Fitzgerald, Leslie Jones


David Yuman, Eleanora Kennedy, Michael Kennedy