Donna Karan Gives Us An "Urban Zen" Experience In The Middle Of Our Hectic Fashion Week Schedules

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · February 19, 2009

Donna Karan has been hard at work with Urban Zen. Yesterday, at the Urban Zen Store at 705 Greenwich Street, another celebration was in order for all the work the designer has been doing with Urban Zen collection and foundation. A part of the sales from the retail store go straight to the foundation which is dedicated to "well-being, empowering children and preserving cultures". The event also featured Starbucks VIA Ready Brew so that guests could perk up if fashion week was getting them a bit...weak.

More photos below...

Avril Graham, Mia Morgan, Zelda Kaplan

Getting the VIA brew ready

Donna Karan, Howard Schultz

Bethany Frankel

Donna Karan

Heidi Banks, Sonia Nuttall

Urban Zen

[All photos by SHAUN MADER for PMc]