If Heatherette Ended....

by Rachelle Hruska · April 15, 2008

heatherette [Photo via Heatherette Myspace]

Just when I hear the incredible news of Mario Lopez on Broadway, THIS comes my way. Heatherette had to cancel their Fall '08 show. apparently things are under control, Richie has some housecleaning to do, etc. Let's hope this is the case, I can't bear to go a single Christmas without receiving a holiday greeting from the quirky kids over at Heatherette. Passerby is one thing, but the world would just be a different place should Heatherette not be around to grace us with its wackiness.  Which is why, we must make sure this never happens. Since it's now going to be at least fall until we see their creations on the runway, we thought we'd share something with you to help tie you over...


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