Jason Wu Private Cocktail Party At The Soho Grand

by DASHA BRIL · February 6, 2009

[Olivia Palermo, Jason Wu, Daisy De Villeneuve, Rebecca Guinness. All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc]

The fashion set fĂȘted current It-Boy Jason Wu at a private cocktail party, hosted by Angela Mariani and Anne Fahey-Storment, at the Soho Grand last night. The well-heeled guests included Cindi Leive, Hal Rubenstein, Anne Slowey (with 4-legged friend in tow), Alexis Bryan, Olivia Palermo, Olivia Chantecaille, and more.

More photos below...

Olivia Palermo, Jason Wu, Anne Slowey and Edie The Dog Slowey

Olivia Chantecaille, Jason Wu, Jackie Astier

Alia Ahmed Yahia, Whitney Vargas, Miguel Enamorado, Sydney Wasserman

Rebecca O'Neill, Alexis Bryan, Daisy De Villeneuve, Rebecca Guinness

Ashley Baker, Valentine Uhovski, Olga Rei