MAC Cosmetics Celebrates New Cosmetics Collection In Private Artist's Studio Celebration

by guestofaguest · July 16, 2009

[James Gager, Maira Kalman, Isaac Mizrahi. Atmosphere, photos by ZACH HYMAN for PMc] MAC cosmetics celebrated their cosmetics collection in a fantastic soiree last night. The brand, known for it's glamor and long list of famous faces who swear by it, sparkled the night away at the Maira Kalman Studio during a private artist's studio celebration.

The event was part of athree-part shindig, with other parties being hosted at the Richard Phillips Studio and the Marilyn Minter's Studio. Keep an eye peeled for those installments! The party was host to it's own list of famous faces, including James Gager, Lily Nima, Isaac Mizrahi, Maira Kalman, David Ashen, Angie Wojak, Julie Saul, and Carolyn Hsu.

Lily Nima, Claire Fricke, James Gager

Marina Klimasiewski, Dina Fierro, Carolyn Hsu, Sarah Conley




James Gager, Maira Kalman, Tim Tareco

Yoselin Acevedo, Caroline Luby

Jack Tuller, Jennifer Balbier, James Gager

Maira Kalman

Julie Saul, Nancy Lieberman

Jessica Murphy, Angie Wojak

Jennifer Krantz, Walter Robinson, Victoria Fuller, Lisa Rosen

James Gager

Veronica Carvallo, Anna Sekula

Elizabeth Beautyman, Gordon Travers, Kika Schoenfeld

David Ashen, Rosita Nogales, Manuel Santelices

Cary Leitzes, James Gager

Buccio Fabbri, Fredrik Ronnback

Anna Sekula, Veronica Carvallo