Sam Bassett And Bobby Grossman Bring An NYC Scrapbook To Mina Gallery

by SARAH MANDATO · May 15, 2009

[Liam McMullan. All photos by MICHAEL PLUNKETT for PMc]. Yesterday, the Mina Gallery hosted Sam Bassett and Bobby Grossman, photographers whose works memorialize the constantly evolving New York cult of cool. Capturing cultural icons from Donald Trump to Jean Michel Basquiat, the two visual artists brought a veritable city scrapbook to Cooper Square. The pictoral tour de force wowed many a guest's qualified keen eye, among them Liam McMullan, whose (amazing) display of approval is captured at left.

Sam Bassett

Sam Bassett, Bobby Grossman, James Bassett-Cann, Elliot Bassett-Cann

Natasha Del Toro, Michaele Sosinski, Carolina Lopez

Maria Margolis, Cristina Botero, Wayne Margolis

Bianca Turwicz, Kelley Blevins, Aaron Bilallobos

Beth Melillo, Samantha Silverma, Mina Albright, Lawrence Kaplan

Erica Strang, Marty Barry, Rebekah Grossman

Tariq Abdus-Sabur, Michael Battiglia, Samantha Silverman

Gary Moses Yane, Jay Tanen, Hillary Altman, Katie Mayer

Will Rocklin, Alex Hartman, Matt Mornick

Mina Albright, Irene Albright, Sam Bassett, Cristina Botero