Sesame Street Muppets Host Crazy Bash At Cipriani

by Chiara Atik · May 28, 2009

[Grover, Rosita, Abby Cadabby, Sheryl Crow, Elmo, Zoe. All photos by ZACH HYMAN for PMc] Rosita, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Zoe, know, the usual NYC crowd. Everyone's favorite muppets had a little shindig at Cipriani last night and invited all their favorite reporters and Sheryl Crow. The event was supposed to be a classy affair to benefit Sesame Workshop, but with this crowd, is it surprising that things got a little out of hand?


Uhm, is Elmo eating Al Roker?

Omg, Grover, attention-hog much?

Ugh, Elmo got SO wasted and was hitting on everyone....

...literally, everyone. It was so embarrassing....

Actually, not everyone in this photograph is a muppet.

Elmo is wearing a tux, but Grover is naked?

THIS guy again.....

For real, what was in the punch at this thing? I've never seen Brian Williams look so happy...

[Sesame Street 40th Anniversary]