Tech Circle's Usual Suspects Gather For A Destination Birthday

by SARAH MANDATO · October 9, 2009

Not just the dream of an exotic getaway, "Destination" is also an Alphabet City Bar. This can make things very confusing when you are directing people to the spot, not "a" destination, so much as, just, destination. Regardless, many from the NYC tech circle cracked that code to show up for Scott Kidder and Caroline McCarthy's birthday party. Rex Sorgatz, Nick McGlynn, Dennis Crowley, Peter Feld and Andrew Cedotal were just some of those raising a glass, or a jello shot with Sour Patch Kid candy (bad news, those little guys), to the two. Happy birthday, guys!

Scott Kidder, Caroline McCarthy Skinny guy that used to weigh more and now spends his time documenting the fatty foods he wishes he could still chow down on, Caroline McCarthy

Rex Sorgatz Rex Sorgatz

Andrew Cedotal Andrew Cedotal

Peter Feld Peter Feld

Sarah Mandato, Jason Portnoy, Kelly Reuter, Kristin Kovner Sarah Mandato, Jason Portnoy, Kelly Reuter, Kristin Kovner

Nick McGlynn Nick McGlynn

[Photos via RandomNightOut].