"The Bible At The Box" Keeps Everyone In Clothing For Once

by ARIEL MOSES · April 8, 2009

[Jennifer Collins, David Chines, Katalina de Solis, David Hutchinson, Brooke Geahan, Lyman Carter. All photos by SHAUN MADER for PMc]

The Accompanied Literary Society hosted “The Bible at the Box” event last night celebrating Jonathan Goldstein’s new novel “Ladies and Gentleman, The Bible!” The hilarious take on THE book stirred up laughter and applause, as Goldstein read with dry and candid look at the Bible from a contemporary perspective. On hand were ALS’ Brooke Geahan, Hannah Borum, and David Shamoon, who coordinated the event hosted by Ira Glass and Sarah Vowell, who shared cocktails with ALS members and biblical enthusiasts (or not!) More story and photos below...

Guests included Gary Breslin, Anita Sarko, David Hutchinson, David Chines, Katalina de Solis, Briana Swanson, Emma Snowdown-Jones, Summer Rej, Peter Feld, Hayley Bloomingdale, Jennifer Collins, Kristian Laliberte, Meghan McGuinnis, Jessica Wakeman, Seth Porges, and Jennifer Wright.

The event was a huge success, it’s the first time I’ve seen The Box packed and everyone had their clothing on. Congratulations to new Managing Director Hannah Borum on a fabulous evening!

Julia Vischnepolsky, Brooke Geahan, Ira Glass, Jonathan Goldstein

David Hutchinson, Summer Rej, David Chines, Katalina de Solis

Emma Snowdon-Jones, Gary Breslin

Joe Sutherland, Cuyril Claqual

Molly Barton, Laura Perciasepe, Megan Lynch, Ira Glass, Brooke Geahan, Jonathan Goldstein

Peter Feld, Meghan McGuinnis, Lucy McIntyre, Elizabeth Spiers, Meaghan Oppenheimer

Erica Orden, Ruth Graham

Brooke Geahan, Kristian Laliberte, Hayley Bloomingdale

Sarah Vowell, Ira Glass, and Guests

Jonathan Goldstein, Miru Kim, Michelle Xia

Katalina de Solis

Daniel Cardenas, Jessica Ohlssen, Summer Rej, David Chines

Brooke Geahan, Ira Glass