Vogue And Balenciaga Take It To The Kitchen

by SARAH MANDATO · May 14, 2009

[Dalia Oberlander, Annie Churchill Albert, Sabine Heller, Tallulah Harlech. All photos by NEIL RASMUS for PMc]. Vogue and the Balenciaga store hosted an event to benefit The Kitchen, yesterday. Kristian Laliberte, Timo Weiland, Annabelle Vartanian, and Fabiola Beracasa came to browse Nicolas Ghesquiere's finest, while raising money to help the organization identify, support and present emerging and under-recognized artists. More photos below...

Natalie Francis, Eliza Osbourne, Sarika Rastogi, Sylvie Millstein

Melissa Soros, Kristen Bocobo, Sukie Novogratz, Natalie Francis, Eliza Osbourne

Kristian Laliberte

Lisa Evans, Celia Evans

Yoonfi, Whitney Holmes

Jeremy Kost, Anne Vincent, Phillip Bloch

Lee Mandel, Robert Soros

Robin Rudman, Donna Singer, Hillary Mennard

Timo Weiland, Annabelle Vartanian

Tracey Ryans, Sarika Rastogi, Mignone Gaviga, Laird Roach

Dalia Oberlander, Annie Churchill Albert, Fabiola Beracasa, Sabine Heller, Tallulah Harlech