When did you decide to move from Lima to NYC?

I came for culinary school, I studied nutrition back in college, and I ended up staying. My mom has an organic farm in Peru, so I grew up in the farm, going back and forth to the house. I grew up being vegetarian, she studied nutrition as a minor (I eat everything now). I went to culinary school and I loved it, I loved the nutrition side of it. I went to the Natural Gourmet Institute which is like a natural culinary school, focusing on Chinese medicine and ayurveda and at that time I was really focused on healthy living and being well in your body. So that was an amazing training. And then I was doing nutrition coaching, and then I got into eating psychology. One step lead me to the other, everything was related to food and lifestyle, and I decided to study eating psychology, and that's what made me deepen my work with clients

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