Samantha Yanks

Simply put, Samantha Yanks has style in spades. But of course, this should come as no surprise, seeing as her role as Editor in Chief of both Hamptons AND Gotham Magazines has more than solidified her status as a veritable taste maker. Still, should those two titles leave your stylishly discerning self to be convinced, there's her blog, SPYLUXE - a personal ode to her enviably chic goings on and beyond beautiful obsessions du jour. We caught up for a tête-à-tête with the interiors guru at her gorgeous Manhattan apartment - bright walls, rich hues, plush fabrics, bursting bookshelves and all! Discussing many an interior lesson, you'd better believe we took note, from luxurious linens to inspiring artwork, to always keep a Blue Odyssey candle from Glade® around for good measure.

Photos by Marko Krunic