Fiona Byrne

As a self-described perfectionist, it's no wonder that Irish transplant Fiona Byrne has managed to make such a name for herself as one of New York's leading influencers. As a journalist, she has had experience in every field imaginable, from fashion and beauty, to entertainment and culture and everything in between, but her talents don't stop at the written word. Just one step into her Downtown abode and it becomes evident that she has a keen eye for interior decor. And if her impeccably well-decorated apartment in the slides that follow isn't enough to convince you, then you've got to check out her Teen Vogue series "My Room Makeover." We got a chance to chat with Byrne about everything from her guilty pleasure to her love affair with NYC, so click through to get a closer glimpse into the life of a woman who never settles for "just okay."

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Interview by Andrea Uku

Photos by Lauren Gesswein