Natalie Decleve, Interview

Often described as a “hippie in heels,” Natalie Decleve has an eye for beautiful things, and a taste for those that are healthful. After years of working for high fashion brands like DVF and Kiki de Montparnasse, Natalie left in 2009 to focus her energies on doing something more meaningful. Under the alias, Natty Style, Natalie created her own brand as a personal stylist and lifestyle correspondent with a goal of “empowering clients and followers from the inside out.” Acting on the belief that “having a healthy self-image is just as important as having a healthy body,” Natalie encourages her clients to celebrate themselves through personal style while using her blog to promote socially conscious brands and tips for healthy living.

Spend two minutes with Natalie or reading Natty Style, and you’ll see that her passion for food stems even deeper than her love of clothes. She’ll wax poetic about the health benefits of Tiger Nuts the way that Andre Leon Talley may declare his loyalty to Louis Vuitton; proving that you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take California out of the girl. Natty Style is filled with simple recipes that even a space- or ingredient-challenged New Yorker can handle, because Natalie knows firsthand what that’s like. We visited Natalie in her West Village studio that she lovingly calls “The Treehouse” to see how she lives a “naturally Natty lifestyle.”

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[Photos by Patrick MacLeod]