Hunter Abrams, Fie Tiedt, Sabrina Banta, Sabrina Tamar, Estee Kim, Louise Borchers

These days when you approach a typical newsstand, bright colors, big names, and ridiculous headlines are all screaming out, competing for your attention. Marketing is the moneymaker and there's a distinct line between publications geared towards art and those geared towards fashion. Either way, it's a noisy situation when you're just trying to find something to inspire you. Enter Tabula Rasa. Beaming like an oasis of peace and quiet, the stark white cover beckons to the most open of minds, a magazine free of advertisements, free of agenda. Thick, heavy, and a thing of physical beauty in its utmost simplicity, this new publication is the brainchild of photographer Sabrina Banta and her team of international creatives. Based out of New York and Copenhagen, Tabula Rasa combines the craft of an art book with the beauty of a fashion magazine to take its readers on a creative journey through the stories and ideas of the featured artists. With a nonprofit goal and the freedom from advertisers, the magazine is truly a blank slate where anything can happen.

Since we fell in love with the first volume, deemed "Identity," we caught up with the entire crew (while everyone was in the same city) at the mag's makeshift office - a.k.a. EIC Banta's Chelsea apartment. Speaking to Managing Editor Sabrina Tamar, Design Director Estee Kim, Style Director Louise Borchers, PR Director Fie Tiedt, and Production Assistant Hunter Abrams, along with Banta, we learned what it's like to put together a quality print publication in the digital age, the benefits of being international, and the power of freedom when it comes to photography.

Photos by Wendy Ploger

[Hunter Abrams, Fie Tiedt, Sabrina Banta, Sabrina Tamar, Estee Kim, Louise Borchers]