Who are some women that inspire you?

Who are some women that inspire you? Rachel: “Well I’m an adviser on a whole bunch of different tech companies so that’s an easy question to answer, especially with Kellee over my shoulder – Kellee inspires me! Kathryn Minshew and the girls from the Daily Muse – it’s just really amazing to watch people build something from scratch – to watch Kellee to watch Kathryn, to see them keep on building something and just make it happen – because it’s not an easy road – it sucks.” Because women start - in every field by in tech especially - at a different level? R: “At a disadvantage, or how about this, without the inherent advantages that men tend to have." Women can be unsure of themselves, and that may be culturally driven? Glynnis: “And you’ve also been trained to use different language. A sense of apology a sense of sort of ‘Could you, Would you possibly mind, I don’t want to be a bother…’” R: “’I don’t know what I’m talking about but…’ And about money – the socialization around women regarding money as opposed to men – the difference is crazy! Money is so firmly tied into a man’s self worth and his vocabulary and it’s just not the same for women and so there are repercussions for a woman. It’s not like it’s out of the blue- women aren’t afraid to ask about money because they are scared-y cats, it’s because there are repercussions.”
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