"It’s just that the default is still all dudes.”

What sorts of successes have you seen so far with holding people accountable via the Li.st? Rachel: “The Bloomberg Entrepreneurial Conference in April 2011 started out with two women out of like thirty-two people. We did some major back channeling and they were like, ‘Give us names, we’re going to fix this,’ and we ended up getting sixteen women on the list. I’ve really seen the ratio change in tech, I’ve seen it on stages at tech conferences. You see it every week on ‘Meet the Press.’ There’s always a woman, usually two. That’s new. And amazing. You don’t see it yet on ‘Morning Joe,’ you don’t see it yet at TechCrunch Disrupt, you still see women often loaded into the judging roles for example, as opposed to the ‘Fireside chat with’ roles, so that’s the stuff that I still try to push, and the default’s still men. Business Insider has their Ignition Conference coming up and they have a panel on like the new visual web – the rise of the visual web. It’s like Pinterest and Tumblr – it’s five men right? Moderator is a man, all guys. And it’s like ‘Are you kidding me?!’ - who do you think is pushing this whole rise of the visual web? Who do you think is responsible for the explosion of Pinterest - which is like the poster child for the rise of the visual web? Women are the ones who are sharing most of these images, and it’s foolhardy to not include them! And it’s just that the default is still all dudes.”
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