"Pre-internet, and pre-twitter, pre social media."

How did you guys meet? Rachel: “Glynnis and I met at a Media Bistro 'Bootcamp for Journalists' class in January, 2002.” Glynnis: “Pre – internet” Rachel: “Pre-internet, and pre-twitter, pre social media.” How did you even function??! Glynnis: “I’m always much happier without the Internet." Tell me your relationship since then? G: “Oh my…god… um..” (laughs) R: “We just stayed in touch in various ways, we were friends - I mean at one point we were thinking of starting a magazine with some other women from the class. It was going to be for women, with Sara Stewart now of the NY Post. And we just stayed in touch, and we became sort of real friends because of Gchat, because we were both on Gmail which became wildly available in the beginning of ’05.” G: “Yeah we were friends pre-Gmail. The funniest thing was I didn’t even know what Gchat was until Rachel’s green dot popped up and she was on Joe Scarborough’s show which used to be called 'Scarborough’s Country,' and Scarborough is a borough of Toronto and I was like, ‘Is Rachel in Toronto right now?!’” R: “Ha- so she pinged me and was like, 'Hey what’s up?' and so that’s how we sort of started working together.” G: “No - you pinged me and said I’m writing this Village Voice story, could you re-read the intro for it.” (laughs) Rachel: Nick Douglas actually was doing stuff for ‘Eat The Press’ and he quit very suddenly, so I emailed Glynnis and I was like, ‘Have you ever thought about media blogging, do you wanna do this?’ And we literally negotiated this over Gchat. And she was like ‘Yeah!’ and I was like, ‘Great! Let’s do that!’ And then I rambled off about a boy I was dating.”
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