"That time period between 2006 and 2009, things shifted so rapidly..."

Was The Huffington Post confused, like what is this new form of communication? Glynnis: “No I think they got it, I think it was just not that common among people. That time period between 2006 and 2009, things shifted so rapidly that it was just this constant churn of ‘Wait what are they doing?’ And Twitter sort of caught on wildly in the media at the 2008 convention in Denver, so that’s when people started figuring out why it was useful, but before that – I remember looking at Ana Marie Cox’s twitter and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what the point of it was – I was literally looking at it like: ‘I don’t understand, what is she doing – she’s just like sending out little updates?’ I just couldn’t understand why it was useful, and then at the convention we were all like ‘Ooooooh.’” That’s so funny. G: “Yeah so it all shifted so fast that it’s hard now to look back and realize that we didn’t have these things such a short time ago. Its nuts.” You guys are real pioneers. G: “Well Rachel was in in before I was – she was at HuffPo in early 2006, I didn’t come on until 2007, but that getting in there got us a foot in old media that still existed, and then participating in sort of the arch where everything fell apart – I was at Fishbowl at that point covering the media industry and every Friday I couldn’t leave my computer between 2pm and 6pm because a magazine would shut down, and it was always the Friday afternoon dump, so I could never leave until after 6 because you were just waiting, and then everyone you knew lost their job. I was just fortunate to get in on the side where it was going instead of the side of where it was coming from.”
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