"My twitter bio is: ‘Media addict on the loose!’"

And then you progressed into new media? And that was almost like Phase Two, and now, would you say I would be correct in calling this Phase Three? Glynnis: “Yes absolutely. I like it! This is definitely Phase Three. I slept through the election this year. I was helping Sandy victims with no Internet or communication. It was a nice relief.” And what sort of title do they give someone like you that is sort of an old media writer but is now a new media player? Glynnis: “Oh I don’t know I sort of make it up as I go along…” Rachel: “’MOVING TARGET!’ I don’t have anything definitive anywhere, my twitter bio is: ‘Media addict on the loose!’ It’s like, that’s just easier. Depending on what television show I’m on or where I’m writing, I base it on what I think will be easiest for them to interpret.” Well Phase Three is now 'founders.' Glynnis: “Yes founders, well I don’t know, Tumblr called all of their new hires ‘Evangelists.’ A friend of mine got hired as their new food evangelist. I thought – could there be a better job!?” I love that!
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