If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Leslie: It would be the my daughter's baby bracelets which I made with an old jeweler friend in Milan when my kids were born. As soon a they grew out of them, I adjusted them to my wrist and have worn them ever since. If I had to chose another, it would probably be a vintage enamel locket that holds an antique picture of my grandmother and my mother. I remember being horrified when I received it and I couldn't wait to swap in a picture of my boyfriend at the time. Fortunately I never got around to it as I don't even remember his name and am now so lucky to now have this piece as it was originally gifted.

Octavia: Without a doubt it would be a necklace that my grandmother gave me. It's a gorgeous gold chain, the kind that are so hard to find today, with my great grandfathers wedding ring. My grandmother wore it every single day. I wear it to important meetings and presentations and I am always more confident that Grandma is there with me. If I had to chose a second, it would actually be my own pair of Aviary Classic earrings. They are a symbol of this crazy adventure my mother and I have begun and I always feel better when the birds are along for the ride. 

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