Adam Shopkorn, Carolyn Angel

Stretched within a story book perfect three level Greek Revival house poking its nose out onto Ninth Avenue, Fort Gansevoort is downtown's newest, coolest, must-visit space. Pick up some beyond unique finds at any of the three rotating artisans in residence shops, peak your artistic curiosity mulling over the latest exhibit on display along their gallery wall, indulge in some well worth the mess pulled pork sandwiches from their backyard barbecue, up your arts and crafts skills even at one of their workshops! So little time, so much to do!

We talked shop with Carolyn Angel, one of the brilliant curators behind this exciting new art, design, retail, take-out venture, alongside partner and husband Adam Shopkorn. So what is it that sparked such a creative concept? What are their plans moving forward? And what have they learned so far as the new entrepreneurs on the block? Let's take a look!

Photos by Marko Krunic