You both come from such varied professional backgrounds. What does this venture offer that past jobs didn't?

Candice: Mama & Tata allows us to express and share our personal thoughts and experiences with other  Moms, which gives us great pleasure and positivity.  We are sharing the love, so to speak. Not only do we get to help other women, but we also get to help spread the word about all of these amazing small businesses.  We have gained so much positivity and happiness through every angle of this venture, and since it was completely organic and authentic to us, it worked.  This job allows us to combine all of our previous experience for a greater good.  

Jenna: It is so special to have a job that is has connected us with this incredible network of women who have taken their passion and creativity and executed it. We are so fortunate to now be a part of this network and meet such interesting people who show us new experiences. We have met mothers who hand-make children's garments, new services that provide organic meals to children, interior designers, healers, teachers and the list is endless of talent and creativity. Rachelle [GofG founder] is a classic example of a mother whose creativity astounds us with her sweater designs. We get to curate our platform and share this plethora of information, which is the best feeling to just love what you do, be stimulated by the people you meet and are surrounded by each day, and get to share it with others. As a bonus, I get to work with my best friend, my sister, which of course makes everyday fun for us.

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