Your Green Juice Is Missing Something

by Food52 · January 13, 2017

Is your green juice no longer green to you? Your carrot-orange-ginger losing its zip? While vodka might be the first option that comes to mind for improving the matter (just me?), there's another, work-appropriate way to bring life back into your juice routine.

At New York's Maialino, they have a carrot-apple-ginger juice on the menu, but after one sip, you know something else is going on. They sneak thyme in there, which gives the juice a more interesting, rounded flavor (and probably some health benefits, too). Just like mixing savory, hearty root vegetables and sprightly, sweeter citrus makes a juice more balanced, blending in herbs adds another layer of flavor to the mix.

Whether you choose cilantro for tropical sweetness or rosemary for savory darkness, there are a lot of ways to play—take a look at some flavor combos below. And in terms of how much herb you'll need to juice, more is generally more—a bunch (stems and all) will produce a few tablespoons of juice. So the solution to that droopy bunch of basil in your fridge is to drink it up (bet you never said that before).


carrot + apple + ginger + thyme
blackberry + celery + thyme


beet + lemon + strawberry + rosemary
carrot + pear + rosemary


kale + ginger + spinach + cucumber + pineapple + cilantro
green bell pepper + jalapeno + cilantro (make a bunch and warm it into a soup)


spinach + dandelion greens + pomegranate + lime + basil
grapefruit + basil


pear + lime + tarragon
celery + cucumber + tarragon


carrot + orange + turmeric + dill
wheatgrass + green apple + dill


cabbage + arugula + apple + parsley
beet + carrot + orange + parsley


fennel + cucumber + celery + mint
carrot + papaya + mint

Words by Ali Slagle at Food52

[Photo via @rrayyme]