How New Yorkers Celebrated Cinco De Mayo

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 6, 2010

So it looks like everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo celebrations last night... a lot. By now, your margarita and tequila haze should be clearing - so let's recap what was going on in NYC on 5/5.


There were sombreros. There were shirtless guys. There were drag queens. Many, many drag queens. And there was probably more guacamole than your calorie counter permits, but Cinco's a once-a-year fiesta. From the Soho House to downtown speakeasies, everyone was in the spirit - olé!

Check out pics from one of the wildest nights of the year, along with some choice drunken tweets:

@beckadiamond: Nico de Mayo showed up at my apt with Earth Matters lunch and iced coffee, love you @nicoxo

@harleyvnewton: Grand Rapids playing at LIT right now! Cinco de Mayo rager to follow!

@beckadiamond: Playing songs and shit @StevenRojas

[Pictures via Facebook and Twitter]