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It’s 4pm in the afternoon and the cavernous venue Ajna Bar has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Disco balls and snowflakes hang from the ceiling. Beautiful women fill almost every table, dining on French toast and omelets. Gorgeous servers dressed as snow angels heft enormous bottles of Rose in the air. It's mid afternoon and the bass from the house soundtrack provided by 4AM DJ Mel Debarge is at deafening levels. Partygoers who finished their food are dancing on chairs gleefully spilling their glasses full of champagne. Working the room are Derek and Daniel Koch the proprietors of the hottest party in the city the infamous “Day & Night” Brunch. They know every client personally as they bounce from party to party chatting up patrons. Daniel personally brings out placards spelling out “Lee” the name of a client who’s celebrating his birthday followed by a parade of servers waving sparklers and carrying his champagne. He helps pour the gentleman his first glass. In just under ten years these twin brothers have turned the industry upside down. They’ve brought an uptown European hospitality philosophy to the downtown nightlife scene, essentially showing nightlife the light. They are the pioneers of a brunch phenomena that has become the most lucrative party for almost every top venue in town.

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