Erica Cerulo, Claire Mazur

"Paying it forward" isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind in the cut-throat world of fashion, but for Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur of e-commerce site Of A Kind, supporting the newcomers is only natural. As small business owners themselves, the two fashion-obsessed friends aim to promote up-and-coming designers by presenting their unique wares and connecting them on a more personal level with their customers. Rather than buying blindly from a huge brand, Of A Kind customers learn the story behind their favorite products and are guaranteed one of a kind (or 20 of a kind) pieces that are sure to get people talking. We caught up with Erica and Claire at their NYC offices to learn how Glade® scents spark their inspiration, the secret behind their style, and how the company started "over the course of 25 frantic emails in 12 hours."

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]

This post was sponsored by Glade®.