BREAKING - Radiohead Show Is All A Hoax! Not Playing Free Show At Occupy Wall Street!

by guestofaguest · September 30, 2011

Earlier, we reported that Radiohead will be playing a free show downtown at the Occupy Wall Street protest - turns out, it's all a hoax!

See the sequence of tweets below:

Foster Kamer (@weareyourfek) tweeted:

Radiohead's press reps to NYO: "Just got the official word that Radiohead is not playing this."

That said, Radiohead playing tonight's Yankees/Tigers postseason game? Still on the table. They're Verlander fans. Of course.

And yes, JK, about the Yankees thing. But they really are not, according to their reps, playing . Enjoy that press conference.

Either this is a brilliant press strategy to stay DL, Radiohead's reps are out of the loop, or Occupy Wall Street guys are total idiots.

Pitchfork (@pitchforkmedia) tweeted:

UPDATE: Radiohead is NOT performing at Occupy Wall Street today 

Originally we thought that alt-rock demi-gods Radiohead were playing a FREE show today at Liberty Plaza (10 Liberty Plaza) for Occupy Wall Street. Bummer!

In the meantime, here's a rad video of them performing to try and lessen the blow: