"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Clique Clique Clique At Midnight Pool Party

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 29, 2010

Havaianas threw a pool party, and the attendees brought back memories of having to have our mom drive us places and of visceral puberty-related fear. By which we mean the guests seemed pretty close to those high school cliques of yore. But maybe we're projecting.-


PRODUCT PLACEMENT. Which means this is the Future Business Leaders of America clique.

The Goths/The Punks/The Vampire Role-Players

The She's-Hot-So-Everyone-Calls-Her-Slutty girl.

The Way-More-Interesting-Than-Us clique.


The Drama Geeks

The Gypsy/Hippy/Society for Creative Anachronism clique.

This is either a band kid or the vice principal.

The Class Clowns. And slightly behind them, Jesus kid.

[All photos courtesy of The Cobra-Snake]