"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Hanging Out At Hiro Ballroom

by Rachelle Hruska · April 23, 2009

[Photos via the Blaqlist] Hanging out at Hiro. Take a look at what a typical Saturday looks like at the Hiro Ballroom, on the side of the Maritime Hotel.  The crowd is a little bit different than the one we saw days earlier at Paper Magazine's Beautiful People Party. Looks like these guys, who are part of the oddly undiversified wait staff, are able to enjoy a nice little break from work with some grey goose. With the temperatures climbing, the Maritime Cabanas upstairs will no doubt, be stealing some guests, and perhaps staff. More story and photos below... Apparently, when things get especially crazy at Hiro, there is a back door through the restaurant kitchen that you can sneak through, as discovered from reading this saavy Gawker commenter. [cdmunch] We wouldn't want you to miss the hanging girls because you couldn't get passed the doorman. More photos below...