Cipriani's Upstairs Hosting One Last Party With Day & Night Groupe Before Closing It's Doors...

by Rachelle Hruska · October 26, 2009

Cipriani's Upstairs. It was the spot of GofG's first party post ever (when we caught a certain famous Mortimer flashing our camera's way back in May of '07). This downtown institution has had its fair share of drama, but there's no denying that it has managed to stand the test of time, its Sunday night karoke parties are still one of the hottest games in town. So why are they closing their doors this Sunday?!

Relax. Team Cipriani, made up of Giuseppe Cipriani and his sons Giuseppe and Maggio Cipriani, along with Max Burgio, have a giant remodel up their sleeves. They plan on closing down their doors after this Sunday in order to redo the space which they will then re-open around Thanksgiving time. But not before they throw one last giant party to celebrate.

They are teaming up with Derek and Daniel Koch from The Dual Groupe to host a giant double header Halloween party. This Saturday, the first "Day & Night of the Living Dead" brunch will take place at Revel, the new location to which the boys moved (from Merkato 55). Afterward, everyone will head to Cipriani Downtown Upstairs for "Day & Night HALLOWEEN" party.

The renovations for the space will go into full swing after this party. Get your reservations this weekend, for one last look at the party spot you couldn't get into when you first moved to NYC. Invites below...