Scott Heads To Greenhouse, Go Home....

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · November 13, 2008

Last night we were invited by our old friend Karim Amutullah to his newest venture called Greenhouse, touted as the first eco-friendly nightclub. Karim has always been the best with us and we were excited to see what he had up his sleeve. After dinner at Balthazar with our friend Carrie Baker (others there included Joel Grey and Evan Ross) we headed over. The invite read 10PM opening so we arrived at 10:30 expecting throngs of people . Well there were throngs alright, not of party goers, but construction workers. The windows to the club were not yet installed! A bouncer assured us it would be just ten minutes. We were a little pessimistic and Scott decided to head home while Naeem went to perform his duties for the Eldridge's Wednesday rock night headed up by Scott Lipps and Joe Friemuth.

We will be sure to check out greenhouse some night in the near future and we will give you the lowdown then.....

[Greenhouse Needs Another Night]