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The Vault at Pfaff's

The Vault at Pfaff's
The Vault at Pfaff's is one of the city's most storied bars and dates back to 1855. Originally called Pfaff's Beer Cellar, this underground bar on the corner of Broadway and Bleecker was a former gathering place for artists, writers, and intellectuals, and Walt Whitman even immortalized the place in an unfinished poem that contains the lines:
The vault at Pfaff's where the drinkers and laughers meet to eat and drink and carouse/ While on the walk immediately overhead pass the myriad feet of Broadway
Now renovated and renamed, The Vault at Pfaff's still promises to be “the trysting place of the most careless, witty, and jovial spirits of New York.” The Vault at Pfaff's, 643 Broadway [Photo via]

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