The New Meatpacking Situation: Could Provocateur (Please) Bring The Jersey Shore To Manhattan?

by BILLY GRAY · December 18, 2009

Just when we were getting ready to book a bus ticket to Seaside Heights and check out Karma for ourselves, the new club Provocateur came to the Meatpacking District last night. Can Snooki, JWoww and The Situation be far behind?




Provocateur (brought to us by Stereo vet Michael Satsky) sounds like it could be the perfect winter home for our favorite Jersey beach bunnies. First, it's in the Meatpacking, which with its proximity to the Holland Tunnel hellmouth welcomes stretch Hummers full of Garden State detritus every weekend. There's also the neighborhood's high concentration of fist pump-friendly nightclubs, whose admission criteria seems to include Jersey or Long Island residency.

As for the new venue, it's located in the Hotel Gansevoort, allowing the weary guidos and guidettes to sleep off their drunken stupors rather than brave the Turnpike. The Gansevoort, like the Seaside manse, even has a high-rise pool! Hopefully, other guests will take kindly to the parade of white thongs just itching to be made see-through.

Last night's Jersey Shore featured some rapid fire blurred crotch shots, suggesting that the dames of the show are quite the provocateurs themselves. We just hope that whichever unlucky gent is stuck giving a snookered Snooki a piggyback ride home will have boots made for walking that treacherous Meatpacking District cobblestone.