Things Heat Up Between Whitney Port and Kerry Cassidy

by Stanely Stuyvesant · December 6, 2008

[Dueling Socialites Kerry Cassidy and Whitney Port]

A tipster reports that things got a little heated between reality TV socialite divas Whitney Port and Kerry Cassidy last night.  Whitney is the star of the Hills offshoot "The City", and Cassidy is apparently also going to star in her own reality circus.

I was standing over to the side behind them and paparazzi were there taking pictures for Whitney's new show "The City"...Whitney had walked into the club like a diva...[and] she manage to push Kerry like 5 feet back, I think she thought Kerry was talking to her boyfriend. Kerry proceeded say "excuse me, are you serious" and then shoved her way back to her table...

All of this of course transpired at Southside, the new bottle bar on the edge of Soho.  Girls will be girls, but I suppose the big question here is why Southside would ever let Paparazzi inside in the first place...