"Friends With Benefits" At The YA Party for The Chelsea Art Museum

by Rachelle Hruska · October 20, 2008

Chris Polony, Zibele Oliveira, Charles McTiernan [Chris Polony, Zibele Oliveira, Charles McTiernan. Photos by NICK HUNT for Patrick McMullan]

Last Friday, the Young Associates of The Chelsea Art Museum partied at the Fall '08 "YA Party" at the museum. The "YA" is targeted at recent graduates and young professionals who would like the opportunity to learn more about art in the intimate atmosphere found at a smaller museum like the Chelsea Art Museum. Go HERE for information about joining this organization in time for their winter party, because you need other options for meeting Mr./Mrs. Right than the bars in Murray Hill. Or, take it from the DJ there named "Friends with Benefits", and find exactly that.

Ivy Challis, Dana Proman, Ivy LehnerFriends With BenefitsCharles Diemeister, Donna Diemeister, Rayna Colacrai,Chris Polony

More photos below:

Nicole Rendone, Henry Tibensky

Ivy Challis, Dana Proman, Ivy LehnerKelly Hoffman, Summer Rej

Kristin Connor, Manish Vora, Puja, Amy Gifford

Becky Toney, Kim Polony, Kelly Cruz

Annie Milliken, Sophie Matthewson, Rebeca Todlewitz

Desmonique Monet, Chris Polony, Sarah Mandato, Justine Benisch

David Caldwell, David CiaburroYA Party for The Chelsea Art Museum

Julia Felsental, Leigh Earrinello

Amber Milt, Ellie Glicklich, Brynne Lehner, Matt Rutsdin, Ivy Lehner

Ram Murali, Shannon Gulliver, Isaiah Wilner

Syl Tang

The Chelsea Art Museum