Ron Agam Wants To Keep Flowers In Full Bloom

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · January 23, 2009

[Onora Silver, Bianca Zvorc, Jada Smith, Mahlot San Sosa. Photos by SHAUN MADER for PMc]

Last night, Chelsea's Tyler Rollins Fine Art gallery held an opening reception for Ron Agam's exhibition entitled 'In Full Bloom'.  The colors lit up the room. Ron, (who was brought up in Paris, Israel, and New York), on the Tyler Rollins site, speaks about treating the flowers as if they were faces, as he had been used to portraits. After over a year of working with the flowers, Agam realized how important they are and decided that he wanted this exhibition to make a statement on saving our environment so that these beautiful majestic flowers can keep blooming.

More Photos Below

Ron Agam, Tyler Rollins

Ron Agam, Kenneth Bialkin

Steve Yagerman, Suzanne Yagerman

Kareen Rispal

Geneva Jann-Lewis, Juan Hinojosa

Peter Citroni, Matthew Marchak

Onora Silver, Bianca Zvorc