MAC Cosmetics Party, Part II At Marilyn Minter Studio

by AMANDA DIBIASE · July 16, 2009

[James Gager, Marilyn Minter, Photo by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc] True to our word, GofG follows through with our second installment to the MAC Cosmetics celebration held last night. This time, we're taking a jaunt through the Marilyn Minter Studio, rubbing elbows with the fantastically well-done faces.

A few familiar faces graced the cameras this evening, including James Gager, Fabienne Stepham, Paige Powell, Jeffrey Slonim, Michelle Matson, Regina Harris, Ashley Baker, and of course, Marilyn Minter.

Keep the eyes open and those noses powdered for the third and final installment, hosted by the Richard Phillips Studio!

Fabienne Stepham, Doreen Remen, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz,Chris Oh, Michelle Matson, Christine Costello

Jeff Tuller, Jennifer Balbier, Nick Gaurelis

Carmen Zita, Jeff Turlik

Christine Costello, Marilyn Minter, Paige Powell

Jim Shi

Paige Powell, Jeffrey Slonim

Ashley Baker

Christine Costello

Michelle Matson

Carmen Zita, Fabienne Stepham, Becka Ellis

David Ashen, Rosita Nogales, Manuel Santelices

Agata Bebecka

Marilyn Minter, Jeffrey Slonim

Regina Harris, Marilyn Minter, Jeff Turlik, Carmen Zita