Singing Happy Birthday To Adidas: Party On For 60 More Years Of Stripes

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · November 21, 2008

[The phenomenal hand clap band. BILLY FARRELL for PMc]

The 60 years that adidas has had so far have been full of success for a sneaker company that prides itself on its signature 3-stripe mark. Last night a party was held to showcase the new spring/summer 2009 Original collection. Celebrating 60 Years of Soles & Stripes went off in Brooklyn, in a two-floor installation that was built to look like a house for a 'house' party setting. This was another definite success for adidas as the night was filled with fun, smiles, break dancing, gift-bags and inspiration. Guests included The Phenominal Handclap Band who performed, Adrian Grenier, Le Call, Nicholas Kratochvil, Clint Spaulding, and other hot (under 60 years of age) party goers.

More Photos Below

DJ A Touch Of Class

Steven Rojas, Molly Williams Steven Rojas, Molly Williams

Noelle Pareja, Antwan Duncan, Nicole Maddox

Adrian Grenier Adrian Grenier

Lynn Guarino, James Chang, Kate Scheiner, Felice Press

Eugenia Strange, Pete Miscuk, Nina Stotler

James Bellizia, Heloise Williams, John Roberts, Tracy Murphy

Nicholas Kratochvil, Le Call

Clint Spaulding