The NYC Experience Confirms: Wine And Sex Go Great Together!

by SARAH MANDATO · July 10, 2009

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If there's one thing that pairs well with alcohol, it's sex. Um, the Museum of Sex, that is. The underrated cultural mecca sitting just above Madison Square Park held a wine tasting with the New York City Experience yesterday, offering guests a sampling of full-bodied (no pun intended) varietals to delight the palette. While sipping selections from Casa De Vinos and B. Smith's restaurant, Pranna restaurant hors d'oeuvres satiated hunger, leaving supporters of the R.U.S.H. for Literacy project with a longing for, well, a different kind of hunger. Jury's still out on whether the juicy exhibits did the trick...

Friends smile for the camera...

...friends find boob!

Wine and sex. Alone.

I didn't know Paris had an exhibit showing...

Har har. If we had a dollar for every time we said that.