Video Of The Day: Getting Muddy At The Far Hills Hunt

by SARAH MANDATO · October 19, 2009


This Saturday, many a New Yorker donned their decorative rain boots and mixed a morning cocktail (or several) to trek to Far Hills, New Jersey, for a cold day at The Hunt. More photos and video below...

The relentless rain did not put a damper on the festive mood, as many stuck to their party plots to tailgate hours on end with determined loyalty toward the annual (click HERE for last year's write up by Chris Brady) event. As the water muddied pretty much everything in site, people mingled with friends, downed drinks and dug into piles of food.

At some point a bunch of horses ran around, but that's more incidental. It was quite an ejoyable day, although more than a few people back at the grind today are sniffling and sneezing. Oh well, that's just a casualty of war...

The bus ride over...

Another video: