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Wait...who is Barron Hilton again?

Okay, here's the lowdown on Barron because you definitely need to brush up on your Hilton gossip (as if there was any to begin with). Barron is the third of the Hilton family and his name nabbed a spot on our pretentious socialite list, so that's something! Don't worry, he's NOT Conrad, the one who is perpetually plagued with legal problems, because we all know Conrad being engaged would be a disaster. Oh! Also he went to boarding school with my cousin (Berkshire) but didn't get asked back for reasons unknown. I saw him once when I was touring. And also, he's totally not gay but once cyber-bullied my boss when she was in high school. He also got punched in the face at Art Basel which is so on brand because he has that prep school d-bag face that is so very punchable. He has a DUI under his belt because of course he does. 

Also Mischa Barton follows him on Instagram, yet she doesn't follow Paris. Aaaaaand she liked Tessa's engagement announcement! I don't know about you, but that was interesting to me because I like knowing that pettiness from celebs who peaked in the early 2000s is still alive and well.

[Photo via @barronhilton]

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