New York's Secret Gardens

by Roxana Hernandez · July 18, 2011

New york City is full of secrets like where to escape from the urban chaos. These secret gems lie hidden all over  and no, we're not talking about the small fountain parks and lawns in Central Park. We're talking, tiny plots of greenery even some New Yorkers would overlook.

Tudor City Greens

In between the Gothic and Renaissance style apartments of the Tudor City Historic district on east 43rd street, there are TWO secret gardens. Who would have thought? These pocket parks are full of green space and benches perfect for a takeout lunch and a bestseller. Both gardens are covered with Japanese maple, magnolias, azaleas, and lavender so, whether you pick one or the other, you'll always have the perfect lunch hour getaway.


Paley Park

Located on 53rd between 5th and Madison avenues is a quiet urban oasis. It's careful and unique use of waterfall,  airey trees, and ivy covered walls makes this pocket park a perfect retreat for peace and solitude. So, snuggle up on a bench and read your favorite book or just enjoy the people passing by.



GreenAcre Park

This emerald green sanctuary is directly located on 51 street between second and third avenue. To make the most of it's small size like it's sister, Paley Park, it too has a waterfall cascading over the back wall making enough noise to mask the city's noise creating a sense of peace and quiet. It's beautifully lined with trees and plants providing the perfect amount of shade during these hot summer days . The best part about the park? Brown lunch not needed! There's an outdoor cafe.


A sanctuary  in New York, this leafy-green haven is on 6th street in Mahattan's East Village between Avenues B and C (hence the name:6BC). However, there is more to it's name, 'B' is for Botanical and 'C' is for communiy. They call it a botanical garden because the community, including visitors, can learn about the hundreds of plants native and immigrant to New York.




Ford Foundation

This soaring plant-filled courtyard is right on 43rd street. It's 12 story atrium with lights streaming through the glass roof and terraced garden with tress, shrubs, and ferns is a one of New York's most superb secret gardens. There's nothing but silence and a refreshingly cool atmosphere making it seem like Midtown Manhattan is far, far away.