Subway Shit-Show

by guestofaguest · August 8, 2007

Hopefully you weren't caught in the proverbial shit-show that was this mornings commute.  Apparently most of it was due to flooding.  We got holed up in a train for 30 minutes today, sitting around twiddling our thumbs, and hoping work wasn't going to give us a pink slip.  NYPD Shield had the following outages to report:

1.) Train suspended between Chambers Street and South Ferry Stations

2.) 4 and 6 Trains - service suspended between 86 Street and Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall

3.) 5 service suspended between 86 Street and Bowling Green

4.) 6 service suspented betwene 59 Street and Brooklyn Bridge Stations

5.) C service suspended

6.) F service suspenddd between 179 Street and Queensbridge Stations

7.) V and Shuttle service are still suspended

8.) R server suspended in Queens