Typical College Activities Temporarily Exotic For This NYU Student

by CLAIRE WILLETT · February 12, 2008

delawareThere are times when the city can get to you, make you feel like a speck of fishfood in the word's largest aquarium. The cure? Go west, my friends, go west. I spent this past weekend rejuvenating in Delaware, OH, and found the combination of farmland, Walmarts, Uggs, and racks of Keystone Light (served warm, natch) both refreshing and morale-boosting. The ephemeral sense of sophistication, too often surrendered to some A.P.C'ed bitch on Bleeker, returned in full force here. Plus the general lack in my life of typical college activities render them temporarily exotic. I wanted me some frat parties and authentically crappy diners and chemically-altered sporting match attendance, and I got them. I also got German Village, Columbus' homage to sausage and schnitzle, housed, or should I say, haused, in rosy brick and pressed tin. Charming. I even entertained, a la Liz Lemon, a brief settling-in-the-mid-west montage. Of course, as the town's legions of meth-heads might indicate, Delaware can get to you too. 48 hours, and I was rarin' to battle the bright lights of the big city, but I brought back a real estate catalogue, just in case...