Kate Kingsley Launches Third Novel Of Private School Drama Series

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 6, 2010

[All photos by Amber De Vos for PMc] Kate Kingsley celebrated the launch of her new book, Pretty On the Outside, last night at the SoHo House. -

Pretty On the Outside is the third novel in Kate's series:Young, Loaded and Fabulous.

Thrown by Joan Jakobson and Lorraince Boyle, the event gathered together a variety of Kate's friends and family. Kate's adorable classmate, Eddie Redmayne, was in attendance (Eddie is one of Broadway's newest stars and performs in "Red").

Kate's novels are equivalent to the Gossip Girl of London. The series chronicles the lives of  Alice Rochester and her oh, so glamorous group of friends (We've heard this story before, right?).

If your dying for more private school life drama (that is, if Gossip Girl hasn't already worn you out) then this series is completely fitting to your social-ladder-climbing dreams.

Chris Most, Loraine Boyle, Lucy Simon, Joan Jakobson

Lindsey Andrews, Halsey Anderson

Tiffany Winter, Dylan Viner, Eddie Redmayne, Caroline Morgan

Patrick Leclercq, Meredith Angleson, Alexandra Milsom

Loraine Boyle, Taylor Barton

Eddie Redmayne, Kate Kingsley

Eloise McClaren, Alex Poole, Eddie Redmayne

Meredith Angleson, Kate Kingsley, Alexandra Milsom