Matthias Hollwich opens "Animal Abstractions" Exhibit

by MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG · November 20, 2009

Josh Longo, Jill Carbonneau[All photos by Scott Morgan for PMc].Wednesday night, Architizer co-founder Matthias Hollwich presented the Pratt Institute of Design’s latest exhibit, “Animal Abstractions.” Guests of the event included Dana Otto, Evan Natale, and Jason Romanelli.-

The event took place at 2 Bond Street in NYC at Relative Space and was hosted by Hollwich, who delivered a speech about Organic Design that covered everything from Architizer to HWKN, which Hollwich also co-founded.

Anthony Bellamaducci, Josh Longo

Ian Yu, Dana Otto Jason Romanelli

Evan Natale

Scott Vandervoort, Evan Natale Krizelle Mojica, Jess Doutich

Elisa Waysenson, Adam G.

Lynda Stern, Geoffrey SternKrizelle Mojica, Jess Doutich

Gracie Munie, Tunji DaDa

Jill Carbonneau, Mac Milsark

Josh Longo, Jill Carbonneau

Meggan Berley, Libby Gatlin, Tony Kim

Martin Sobey, Sune Gudnitz

Olya Volkova, Yuko Okuma

Steffi Min, Anton Ferraro