Patti Smith Is Totally Having A Moment

by Chiara Atik · January 7, 2010

Patti Smith is everywhere lately! Earlier this year she was honored at the Pratt Legends 2009 Benefit, and last night her new collaborative exhibition with Steven Sebring opened at the Robert Miller Gallery.The exhibit, called Objects of Life, includes polaroid pictures of the singer/artist which have been "grafitti'd," and paintings which are an homage to the creative process. The different media featured was collected during, and takes viewers through, the pair's 11 year long partnership working on the Sundance featured documentary, "Dream of Life."

The guest list was both illustrious and varied, including Calvin Klein, REM's Michael Stipe, Jessica Lange and husband Sam Shepard, Zac Posen, Nicole Miller, the unflinching and unsmiling Kelly Cutrone, and Waris Ahluwalia. The exhibition is on display until February 6th.

Jessica Lange                                  Zac Posen

Jonas Mekas, Patti Smith

Kelly Cutrone                                     Waris Ahluwalia

Christopher Hayden, Ashiq Khondker, Gabriel Phipps      John Este, John Bartlett

Nicole Miller, Chiara Clemente, Helen Schifter

Aaron Ward, Ying Yueli, Peter Makebish  Eva Aridjis, Erina Dempsui

Steven Sebring                                Logan Horne, Lauren Goodman

Michelle Peters, Brook, Hanna Rosti, Teresa Hicks

[All photos by Carrie Shaltz for PMc].