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Ruthie Davis Men's FW13 Debut

Ruthie Davis Men's FW13 Debut
[Ruthie Davis, Mark Silver] [Dan Brickley] [Peter Davis, Mark Silver] Where: 420 West 25th Street Who was there: Guests included Ruthie Davis, Dan Brickley, Mark Silver, Michael Colgan, DJ Lina, Joey Israel, Rose Swarbrick, Kipton Cronkite, John Bartlett, Peter Davis, Eddie Roche, Bryan Reynolds, and J Errico. [Photo: Ruthie Davis, Dan Brickley via BFA] Other details: Last night, Ruthie Davis invited close friends to celebrated her menswear shoe launch at Mark Silver's apartment. Jake Spencer Hammel (‏@jakehammel) tweeted:
Inspired to go jogging in these new @ruthie_davis Men’s Sneakers. #fab
Lavish-Livez ‏(@LavishLivez) tweeted:
If a Blahnik made babies with New Balance. These are them! #madeinitaly @ruthie_davis
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