"It's Complicated" Private Screening In Chelsea

by CATHERINE PERIDIS · December 11, 2009

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Thursday night saw a private screening of "It's Complicated" at the Chelsea Cinema 9 - but where was Jack Donaghy/Alec Baldwin?!

[Photo by Scott Morgan for PMc]. Ok ok, so he attended the premiere the night before at the Paris Theater (click here to read our coverage of the event!) but everyone needs more Alec Baldwin in their life.

"It's Complicated" is a film for the ages. Or, well, at least for those who are middle-aged, fans of Meryl Streep's brilliant acting or, more importantly, lovers of Alec Baldwin! And who hasn't fallen for this man post-30 Rock reinvention? As the character Jack Donaghy, millions have swooned for the charmingly charismatic yet power-hungry t.v. exec. And it seemed last night that Hollywood agreed as Mark Indelicato, Elisabeth Moss, Dean Winters and Joshua Bell came out to see the film and support the talented cast and crew.

The night continued at the afterparty,where Justin Kirk, Lake Bell, Jeff Probst and Lauren Remington Platt braved the cold atop the Gramercy Park Hotel Private Roof Club.

Mark Indelicato                              Lindsay Ellingson

Elisabeth Moss                              Dean Winters, Kelly Hulbert

Zoe Kazan                                   Kate Schelter

Dylan Lauren                                      Chrishell Stause

Catlin Fitzgerald                              Joshua Bell

Hunter Parrish

[all the following photos by Scott Morgan for PMc].

Cameron Richardson                           Jennifer Missoni

Gequeline ?, Carlos Miele

Lake Bell                                     Justin Kirk

Jeff Probst                                       Lauren Remington Platt

Doug Porter, Tom Baer, Allison Williams, Mattie Siegal, Peggy Siegal

Bryna Butler, Rightor Doyle, Michael Pligavko

Annelise Peterson, Lesley Schulhof

Adrienne Stillman, Jessica Chalkley     Kate Furst, Jake Furst

Andrew Rothschild, Catherine Gargan

Hunter Parrish, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Kate Brian